Towards next-generation computing

imec - Leti workshop@IEDM // San Francisco, December 8, 2019

A workshop co-hosted by Leti and imec – two leading European research centers – on the eve of the 2019 IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting on the groundbreaking results in nanoelectronics, micro- and digital tech.

This pre-IEDM 2019 workshop brings together global executives, top scientists and experts from imec and Leti and offers strategic networking opportunities and a head-start towards next-generation computing.

At IEDM 2019, CEA and imec organized a “Next Generation Computing” workshop.

In the Aritficial Intelligence session of the workshop, Diederik Verkest, Program Director Machine Learning at imec, discussed imec’s approach on in-memory computing to enable energy efficient deep neural network acceleration by leveraging in-memory compute with emerging non-volatile memories.

Alexandre Valentian, Head of Digital Design & Architectures Laboratory at Leti, presented Leti’s work technology solutions to improve energy, throughput and other figures of merit of Edge AI applications. The presentations can be found here and here (link toevoegen).

The presentations can be found here below.

Presentation imec

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Presentation CEA/Leti

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