International Forum // Leuven - November 4, 2019

At the International Forum on Neuromorphic Computing that took place on the 4th of November 2019 in Leuven, a presentation was given by Peter De Backer on the TEMPO project. The presentation focussed on the fundamental goal of the TEMPO project being to develop technology platforms for emerging semiconductor devices and demonstrate them for energy efficient hardware implementation of neuromorphic workloads. Also the use cases that will be addressed by the project were presented. Apart from the presentation of imec, speeches were given by other members of the TEMPO consortium on their view and accomplishments in the area of neuromorphic computing.

There were 100 participants at the forum from 14 different countries. 31% of the participants came from industry.

The Neurotech forum is an initiative of the Neurotech project, a Coordination and Support Action (CSA) funded by the European Commission. This CSA aims to be the connecting element to consolidate and disseminate the state of the art of neuromorphic technology and to create a transforming roadmap for future progress, unleashing the power of NCT in smart technologies of the future. The list of speakers included representatives of various EU initiatives, industry (such as Philips, Infineon, IBM, GlobalFoundries, ST, Thales etc.) as well as experts from the European Commission and ECSEL Joint Undertaking.

The presentation of Peter De Backer can be found here below.

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