Neuromorphic Computing Technologies: Opportunities, challenges and Applications Roadmap

To be held virtually in conjunction with the 2021 NICE workshop:

Artificial intelligence (AI) is already enabling accelerated classification and discovery in a broad range of applications. However, challenges remain in the trust in and explainability of the outputs results. Furthermore, the implementation of AI on legacy computing systems suffers from performance and power efficiency challenges, limiting the application scope. Hence, the success of AI created an urgent need for dedicated neuromorphic computing hardware as well as more advanced architectures and algorithms. Establishing the neuromorphic computing technology of tomorrow, wide research efforts are deployed in materials science, circuit design, fabrication and algorithms.


This forum of the European Union funded project NEUROTECH will bring together experts from academia, industry, SME’s and start-ups to address some of the most urgent questions in AI:

  • what are the challenges – performance, reliability, ethics – in applying AI and neuromorphic computing technologies?

  • which neuromorphic computing technologies are already available, how to build functional systems and applications?

  • how can enterprises adopt AI and neuromorphic computing technology – What support would accelerate the success?

    • how to improve and strengthen interactions and collaboration between academia and industry in Europe and globally.


The forum will also depict the landscape of neuromorphic computing technology users, with a special focus on the use of AI in edge-computing.


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